Our Product Offering  DigiiTrust

Our AI based application DigiiTrust offers and end to end detection, analysis & monitoring of Personal Information that has come into focus with the GDPR implementation in the European Union.

With the implementation of GDPR Organizations hitherto would need to amongst other provisions:

  • Requiring the consent of subjects for data processing
  • Providing data breach notifications
  • Anonymizing collected data to protect privacy
  • Ability to delete information on request

In order to carry out the above, organization need to have a way to find out PII that resides in their complex ecosystem. Over multiple years most organization have PII proliferated across their IT systems and would find it challenging to discover where customer PII resides.

Our AI based application DataTrust can seamlessly scan all applications, databases, file systems, web pages and provide an audit reporting for organization to take action and be compliant.

We offer an AI tool based auditing coupled with customized consulting services to overcome this problem.

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